pondelok 27. februára 2012

review Super Sexy Heroines

I were looking forward for the SSH payment site. The models are good looking, beauties like from your dreams and beautiful shiny costumes. The girls more like supergirl acts are showing their strenght and chalenging theirselfs to a deathmatch. Sounds promissing. Well... it just sounds. The site is quite disapointing when you become a member and "enjoying" the site's goods.
Okay, you have here. The site is more concentred on photography and live action comics which is a very good thing and good idea to have a site like this. Lets talk about the photo gallery because you'd like to check
what beauties you will have in comics and videos. Its like a playboy photoshoot. The girls are dressed up, posing with a smile (im sure they have fun but i don't). Some combinations of the costumes are ridiculous. Perhaps, Gemma Hiles is hot, but i never seen a supergirl without a cape, but instead with white pants (wtf) doing lazy sexual poses with orgasmic plays. And many of the models are doing that. "Hey supergirl, the world is being destroyed by a mighty villain, stop acting like a hooker on the cautch and do your job!" We see everything ass, boobs, legs, everything except some action. I know im too harsh, i know its a photoshoot, but at least they can act a little bit like heroines and not like on a halloween party.
Lets take a trip to the video arena. What just eight clips? I hope they are worth it. Im wrong. Can you imagine, half of the clips are the fucking photoshoots. AGAIN!? Why? Is the director on vacation? This is horrible but at least the other clips looks nice, but also, story plot is (there is none), the action is low, i mean nothing happens and the only thing the supergirls are showing from their strength is just lifting the bad dudes by throat. I like throat-lifts but i would prefer throat lifted girls, but that will be a part to the end.
Lets go finally to the comics. The comics are more like it. You have here some good ideas, my most favorite is the views from being punished by the heroine. You are blown away, neck lifted or punched by a heroine in beautiful shiny costume. Sadly there aren't more like this. The other comics have a really lame plot and actually the only thing the heroines can do is throat lifting. The fights have nothing to do with their strength, it is more like playing and messing around. And the most thing that i incredible hate about these comics, that most of the villains are men. And the worst is that the actors don't change. You have there a fat guy, very similar to the drunken thugs in the centre of the city picking you in a fight for no reason. The heroine can knock him down, but its not sexy at all, it ruins my appetite and finally im loosing the interest to continue the story. And there he is again in another issue. And again, and again, and again. I actually got a member because i thought there will be some action, a little bit humiliation, some domination. I was awaiting some blows, shirt grabs, wrestlings... but there is nothing.
The most useless is the "raw comics". I don't know what is raw about that and what the hell is a comic about that? Someone was bored by photoshop? You have there 3 comics or books (?). The first has 3 pictures, the second also 3 (very pathetic photoshop ruined with light) and the last one is a photo set of a model with a black dress with a bonus picture of some random scenery (wtf?). A interesting thing is the blog with the site update and some youtube clips, but you don't have to be a member to check it.
So, the Super Sexy Heroines are sexy but not super. You can have the most hottest models and awesome costumes, but without fantasy and what the viewer wants to watch, is not the money worth. Check it out here: